VPOP Table Decor DIY Boxes

How amazing would it be if you had an entire table setting design handed to you in the box? This would free up your time to do what’s most important -spend time with your loved ones in a beautiful setting.

VPOP gives you that ease and extra sparkle for your home with passionately curated, stunning and affordable, first of its kind DIY table decor boxes which bring joy and happiness into your homes. Everything you need for a fantastic table setting is already in the box. All you have to do is to effortlessly lay it out. What’s more is that every item in the box lends itself to various combinations so you will never get bored of the same arrangement.

Client Testimonials
  • Abhilash Puljal
    “Varuna has limitless potential for creativity, with an eye for detail. She helped us upgrade our living room to add colour and detail and her ideas were spot on to our taste - simple, subtle and classy. She also is very resourceful in finding quirky objects - offline and online - keeping budgets in mind. Way to go Varuna!!!”
    Abhilash Puljal
  • Dipali Mathur
    “Two birthdays at home one of a 11 year old and the other to celebrate the 75th within the same week in lockdown and all I wanted to do was to make it memorable. I just knew who I had to reach out to, Varuna Chand.Her design ideas can light up a room just like her personality and her ability to understand the requirement and then to design customized solutions is remarkable.She not only helped me with with two extremely different table decor ideas but also gave me ideas to bring out the best in my living room without having to spend a bomb.I’d highly recommend Vpop, her brainchild for gifting and renovation ideas”
    Dipali Mathur
    Founder of Super Smelly
  • Prashant Dayal
    “When Varuna and VPop team showed us the options for setting up my father’s 75th birthday celebrations we immediately knew, in Varuna we had found what we needed and what had been looking for: an experienced, enthusiastic, sensitive individual who would go out of her way to ensure everything came together perfectly. Also as we soon found extremely talented and efficient. What impressed me the most was her ability and willingness to listen to our story, who we were and what we had in mind for the landmark celebrations. She then set out to propose a beautiful concept encompassing the essence of how we visualized the setting for our special evening. The rest was creativity, talent and a vision work with a superb final result. The collection she recommended was exquisite and elegant and everyone loved it.I would recommend Varuna every single time, whatever be the occasion…with her you can never go wrong”
    Prashant Dayal
    Founder of Bonjuz
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